Hello and Welcome to Yellow Daisy Photography!  My name is Megan Blackman and I am so glad that you have stopped by to take a look at my work!  My favorite thing about photography is connecting with people and being able to create images that truly express who they are.  I love hearing people's stories.  I love getting to know them.  It helps me do my job. 

 I am a simple girl, Jersey born and Midwest raised.  Now I'm back home in the great state of New Jersey, raising my three young daughters and doing what I love to do! 

I love seeing new things and exploring new places.  I am a sucker for any assignment that allows me the opportunity to travel. 

I love flannel shirts, crisp autumn mornings, Stevie Nicks, pumpkin coffee, and the feeling of a camera in my hand.  I love spending time with family and friends, laughing and making memories.  I love dancing in the kitchen with my daughters while making dinner.  I love Christmas mornings and hot chocolate.  I love the quiet sound of snow falling at night followed by the squeals of delight my children make when they wake up to a snow day.  I love the beach.  The sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean waves.  I love cities, both big and small.  I love daisies and the color yellow.  Mostly, I love life.  I love this great big world we live in.  How interesting and enchanting it is.  Life is beautiful.  People are beautiful.  Relationships are beautiful.  Maybe that's why I love photography so much.  Freezing time.  Capturing beautiful moments.  Preserving memories.

I am a single mom who understands just how quickly time passes.  I know first-hand what it's like trying to squeeze 28 hours out of a day.  Sometimes days run together and next thing you know, it's Halloween and you still haven't made that Fourth of July bundt cake that you found on Pinterest.  Believe me, I get it.  I understand when parents look at me and say "Where did the time go?"  That is why I am forever grateful for the art of photography.  I have those "lost years" in frames on my walls.  I have those memories in albums and picture frames.  Those captured moments are more precious to me than anything.

So give me a call and let's get to know each other.  Share your ideas.  Tell me your story.  Let's work together to capture your beautiful life moments so that you can have your own wall of memories to walk past each morning.